5 Immediate Requirements of 2020 Call Center Outsourcing Services

Call center have grown in reputation amongst all business operations for a reason. Partly, it can be attributed to their ability to keep hold of the customers, but there is another more cryptic reason that has to do with the amount of data ingested by call centers. Data is what is expected to shape the fortunes of companies in the coming years, and the future starts with 2020 call center outsourcing services.

The Future of Call Center Services

Call center services have the ability to transform business operations considerably. And, evolving business require equally transformative call center outsourcing services, if they actually want to make a difference. Some integral functions of future call center services are:

  1. Omni channel contact centers – There are way too many channels that can be used by customers to contact a company. Any laxity or insufficient support on even one channel may cause you to lose customers, faster than you can ever anticipate. A robust contact center operation that keeps every aspect of customer interactions controlled by monitoring each and every facet is what is needed to run a trustworthy contact center. Call center India outsourcing offered by Noida Exim Pvt. Ltd. can help you run a versatile operation that covers all modern-day channels utilized by customers.
  2. Futuristic CRM – A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool is integrated with analytics capability. A futuristic CRM can help you analyze the customer data at the ingestion points with its real-time analytics capability, thus helping you come up with plans to attract customers.
  3. Addressing social media interactions – Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become the hubs of customer interactions. It is important to check customers’ behavior on these platforms to understand what they actually want. Call center outsourcing companies like Noida Exim have a wealth of talent that can help you meet the emerging requirements of social media platforms.
  4. Cloud-based call centers – Cloud-based call centers are extremely important for meeting the emerging customer-related requirements. When it comes to scaling, a cloud-based call center can help you employ the services of remotely-placed agents who can address any exigent requirement. Also, it is possible to find the right agents with readymade capabilities for any type of process.
  5. Self-services and knowledge base – The millennials and young customers of today are well-versed with IT technologies. Instead of wasting their time on long queues, they would rather prefer a platform that allows them to help themselves. AI-based knowledgebase, self-help IVR functionalities and other analytics based platforms are the need of the hour if you really want to be popular amongst the customers of 2020.


Just like any technology, the operations of call centers have also evolved considerably in the recent times. With the start of a new decade in 2020, it is essential to comprehend emerging customers’ requirements and then meet them head on. At Noida Exim Pvt. Ltd, we are one of the best call center India outsourcing companies that excels at utilizing AI for enhancing futuristic call center operations. We also have the capability to develop custom IVRs that are right in line with your process requirements and a CRM that can be integrated with your different databases.

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