Email Support Outsourcing

Get More Professional by Employing the Right Email Support Outsourcing Services

Emails provide a convenient mode of communication. They can be sent to anyone and at just about any time as per convenience. Given the ease of their accessibility, it makes good sense to integrate email support services in a customer service operation.

Email Support Outsourcing: A Cost-Effective Way to Enhance Customer Services

Email support department does not have to work in real-time to solve customer queries. Emails can be accessed during fixed shift timings; hence there is no need to hire expensive 24/7 agents. Also, unlike calls, multiple emails can be handled by a single agent thus reducing the overall cost of resources.

Although low in cost, email support is equally effective as it helps you cater towards the needs of customers that prefer elaborate email writing over talking on phone. Also, when you incorporate email support as part of your customer services process, you look more professional as a brand in the eyes of the customers.

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What to Look for in Your Email Support Outsourcing Vendor?

A capable email support outsourcing vendor can help you communicate with your customers in a much better way. Below are some direct benefits that you can extract by outsourcing your email support process:

  1. Access to better email support software – Email support software can easily streamline your email support process. However, buying expensive email software does not make sense for a side operation, when you have a core operation to attend to. But a capable email support outsourcing services provider already has access to quality software that can make your work easy. From keeping track of all the emails to providing timely notifications, it can ensure that you never miss out on customer contact. There are many software solutions available that can be used for automating the whole email support process.
  2. Perfectly suited for critical processes – There are many customer support processes that are extremely critical e.g. RMA. In these processes, any misinformation given to client can have major repercussions. For these critical processes, email support is perfect as it allows you to draft long responses. It is also possible to use well-prepared and scrupulously written templates to answer tricky customer queries and lower the risk of a wrong response from your side.
  3. Expected response time – Emails do not have to be answered in real-time. You just send an email and wait for the response, there is no need to wait in unexpectedly long queues, which is a good thing for the customers. The responses are sent within the prescribed TAT and the issue is handled a lot better when you have a competent email support department.


Email support is a vital part of customer services operation. Not only it provides an alternate mode for communicating with customers, it also enhances a company’s image. Employing email support outsourcing shows your professionalism and dedication to the customers. It is also a great way to tackle complex issues that may get tricky when handled on call. Partnering with a capable email support outsourcing services provider like Noidaexim lets you use time-tested services for effective customer communication.

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