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Make a Move to Automation by Partnering with Competent Data Entry Service Providers

IT revolution has led to an increase in the value of data. Many CEOs and CTOs consider data as the new driving force that will shape the fortunes of their company. Gradually, we are seeing a rise in investments in new AI-based technologies that promise to leverage data for many business use cases. But, despite their initiatives, many companies are unable to harness the true benefits of data. Surprisingly, it is not due to their lack of efforts but their inability to identify the right methods for data entry.

Why Underestimating Data Entry Is the Biggest Mistake Made by Companies?

The biggest problem with data entry is that it is considered to be an easy task by many entrepreneurs. Most business owners believe that just about everybody who is anybody can lookup data and input it in a database. While this approach and thinking about data entry could have worked in the past, it is filled with dangers in the present times. Some of the clear and present dangers of inaccurate data entry that can cause major harm to your business prospects are listed below:

  1. Compliance-related risks – Every industry has a regulatory body that is in charge of enforcing compliances, so that companies operating in the industry follow certain rules and guidelines. These regulatory bodies may ask you to furnish data about your business operations at any time. In case, your data is inaccurate and causes discrepancies when matched with the laid down standards, then you are at the risk of facing wrath of the regulatory body. Erring companies have incurred major fines and faced lawsuits due to an inefficient data entry team.
  2. Data security risks – Companies that store business-critical customer data simply cannot afford to compromise its integrity at any cost. If all the members of data entry team get unrestricted access to every type of data, then it is very much likely that they may use it for their business gains. For example, if bank account information or email addresses are made easily accessible to new joiners (who cannot be trusted), then there is a chance that they will use the information for their own gains. So, it is imperative that access to data should be granted on the basis of employee credentials.

Eliminate Threats and Leverage Data by Partnering with a Data Entry Service Provider

Outsourcing data entry tasks to a capable data entry services provider can be your first and last step to remove data-related threats and leveraging data. However, this step can only be rewarding for your business if the data entry service providers has the following credentials:

  1. Access to automation tools – Manual data entry is not only inefficient, it also leads to errors. An automation tool can make this work simpler and also provide additional functionalities. Data entry service providers that employ automation technologies like intelligent character recognition, optical character recognition, and optical mark recognition allow you to extract information from documents that cannot be readily accessed via common computer tools.
  2. Authentication for data access – By authenticating data access to every employee involved in data entry, it is possible to reduce the risk of unrestricted data access.
  3. Data security with encryption – An outsourcing vendor should have sound security encryption measures in place to ward off the threat of hackers.

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