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Why Avoiding Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Can Hurt Your Business?

Running a call center is a diverse task that requires many elements to come together for its successful completion. Amongst the many call center services, inbound call center services are the most important and business-critical services in this field. Unlike the communication of outbound services, which allows agent plenty of time to frame responses, inbound services require an agent to think on his feet. It is a skill that is not found in everyone. But many entrepreneurs do not recognize its importance and either try to run it in-house without proper resources or use incompetent vendors who offer their services for cheap. It is definitely the wrong approach for any business, especially when you have the option to use inbound call center outsourcing solutions from capable vendors that are available across the globe.

Common Call Center Mistakes

There are many mistakes that can reduce the chances of success of your call center operation. Have a look at some common mistakes that are generally made by inexperienced in-house call centers:

  1. Lack of automation in call center process – It happens many a time that a customer gets through a call center rep after inputting his 16-digit long debit card number and then he is asked to confirm it on the call. The problem becomes worse when the same call is transferred to a different department and the customer has to repeat the excruciatingly long number again. Just imagine the frustration of a customer in this case. All this could be addressed easily by using an AI-powered CRM that can make customers’ authentication a lot easier. The automation and analytics of a cutting-edge CRM can also be used for fast retrieval of information, analyzing customer behavior patterns and tracking orders conveniently.
  2. Inexperienced reps and managers – Mostly, in-house call center operations are not funded appropriately due to a lack of focus on them. Thus, the quality and experience of reps and managers is not up to the mark most of the times. Hence, it becomes difficult to deliver quality services consistently, which lowers customer satisfaction ratings. Definitely bad for your business!
  3. A preference for short-term solutions – Short-term solution for a problem may help you at a particular time but it will ultimately cause big problems. Changing your company policies to fix certain issues and not maintaining consistency in your operation can be the reason for your failure.
  4. Lack of scalability – Call center operations that are run on a short budget are very difficult to scale. Imagine buying new computers and real-estate, hiring new agents and managers, investing in new network infrastructure; all at the same time. It can leave even the most hard-working entrepreneur in a state of distress. Contrast that with an inbound call center outsourcing venture to India and you will see the difference. Not only you can recruit new resources at a fraction of a price, you also benefit from a company’s long-term experience.

Noidaexim is a back office, inbound and outbound call center outsourcing company that has a team of expert agents and managers with considerable experience in the field. It uses automation in call center solutions and offers complete scalability.

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