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How Outsourcing Reduces Risk in Non-Core Call Center Services?

In the past, call centers were viewed as a risk for businesses. The fact that a company needs to provide its critical data to Call Center Outsourcing Companies located in different parts of the world made many businessmen apprehensive. However, with passing time, and consistent operations of call centers, the apprehension has given way to a renewed faith. With a number of reputed call centers operating in the industry and serving their clients well, entrepreneurs have started believing in call center operations. The trends have changed, so much so, that in some cases businessmen outsource non-core operations like customer service to reduce risks.

The Risk of Technology

The new-age technology is probably the greatest achievement of human beings in the modern world. But, it is also a double-edged sword that needs to be wielded right for it to be effective. Even if your business is running smoothly with the technology that you are using, you need to keep your eyes open and monitor the trends. The technology that has worked well for you for so long can suddenly become a liability in a matter of minutes. Not sure how? Have a look at the example below:

Suppose you are using a CRM that is not integrated with your call center software. It has worked well for you in the past and you are not interested in changing it. You have designed the escalation hierarchy of your Call Center Service in such a way that the call needs to be warm transferred (in a warm transfer, a customer service agent introduces the customer to the next level of support) every time. The procedure of warm transfer requires customer service representatives to dial the desired number from their phone. This procedure is cumbersome and takes time.

In the meanwhile, the work operations of other companies have changed and they are using automated IVRs to make the call transfers. These IVR systems are powered by AI and can handle the call transfer a lot better. But as your operations are set in stone and you are not willing to make a change, your agents are wasting a lot of time during call transfers. Their productivity is taking a hit and you are falling behind while your competitors are gaining ground. Now, it is almost impossible to change the system without training or overhauling the department. Any of these steps put a lot of burden on you, your business and your employees. And, the entire hassle due to non-core operations. Simply not worth it!

How Call Center Outsourcing Helps You?

Unlike, a company that focuses on making and selling a product, the focus of a Call Center Outsourcing Company is completely on the technology trends related to the industry. They have the know-how and wherewithal to make transitions quickly and effectively to accommodate any new platform, software or service. Hence, they are well-equipped to handle risks that come with an ever-evolving call center technology.

Outsource Call Center for Best Rewards

Apart from the technology advantage, outsourcing call center services have the following benefits:

Cost Advantage – Call center outsourcing to a different country with low currency value instantly provides you an economic advantage. You get to make a profit due to the difference in the value of the two currencies. This profit can be used for funding the R&D department of your company to improve the product or providing freebies to lure new customers.

Expertise – When you outsource inbound call center services, you get access to experienced employees with rich experience in the field. These experts can help you disseminate your services in a better way and keep the customers satisfied at all times.

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