Top 10 Benefits of Helpdesk Outsourcing Services

Most companies and managed service providers begin their internal helpdesk operations out of necessity. When the number and breadth of their service demands are relatively low, it makes sense initially. But as those companies expand, so does the amount of help they require. It frequently surpasses the company’s total growth and, consequently, the resources available to deliver quality customer service. What then are your options? How can you keep your expansion from being derailed by service and support failures? Many companies and managed service providers understand the advantages of outsourcing their support desk. This post, written by our friends at GMS Live Expert, will outline the main advantages of employing helpdesk outsourcing services for companies of all shapes and sizes as well as describe what an outsourced IT helpdesk looks like.

What is the structure of helpdesk outsourcing services?

Organizations with limited IT resources benefit from helpdesk outsourcing services. They may now affordably obtain support services that are genuinely enterprise-grade thanks to it. These businesses can then reassign their IT staff to other lucrative, productive departments inside their company.

The configuration of their outsourced support teams will vary among suppliers. Some, for instance, assign service calls to any agent in their extensive worldwide network. Some keep specialized “pods” of around twelve North American workers for every helpdesk customer. These committed teams not only acquire the important institutional expertise you would like to acquire from managing an internal helpdesk, but they also have access to more extensive IT resources and support tools.

Due to its many advantages, outsourced helpdesks are a preferred option for IT-managed service providers and private businesses with tight budgets for their IT departments. It follows that industry analysts predict a steady growth in the outsourced IT services market through 2030 at the latest.

Which ten advantages come with outsourcing helpdesk services for IT?

We would like to present the top 10 advantages that any business outsourcing helpdesk operations might anticipate.

1. Get access to resources for premium help.

The level of experience of an internal helpdesk team is limited by your financial capacity and the kind of training you can provide. An outsourced helpdesk staff, on the other hand, has access to more experience, knowledge, and high-end support resources. You may get a fraction of an enterprise-grade support staff through outsourcing.

2. Lower expenses.

Paying solely for the degree of support you require is another important advantage of outsourcing your helpdesk. Because you don’t need to pay for additional internal agents to handle surges in call traffic, you can keep your helpdesk expenses low. Using an outsourced staff gives them instant access to more resources.

3. Faster response times

Consider the following situation if your helpdesk was entirely internal: as your agents were responding to emails and chat requests, a sudden wave of urgent phone calls arrived. Nobody is free at this time. Customers are becoming impatient, calls are piling up in the line, and your response times are drastically decreasing. Outsourced help desk teams are always able to respond to calls as quickly as possible since they have the flexibility to bring on more workers as needed to fulfill the demands of your clients.

4. Reliable assistance

Many companies who are new to working with outsourcing providers are concerned about the dependability of their service. With an SLA, you can maintain accountability and open communication about expectations. All of your criteria for an outsourced Helpdesk Services India, including necessary response times, request closure rates, and other important metrics are outlined in a service-level agreement.

5. More readily available assistance outside of regular work hours

It might be challenging to help your clients after hours when you only have a small internal team at your disposal. A sizable helpdesk staff that is outsourced is available around the clock to support your clients.

6. Happier customers

Customers will be more satisfied with you if they know they can count on dependable assistance whenever they need it. Providing consumers with the assistance they want at precisely the right time might make all the difference in whether you receive their repeat business.

7. Future-ready assistance and services

Providers of outsourced Helpdesk Services India handle all agent training and service desk software upgrades, saving you the trouble. No matter what new product you need them to support or what service management platform your business needs to switch to, your outsourced help desk crew will always be prepared.

8. You focus on your primary business.

You may reallocate staff members’ time to your primary business purpose by outsourcing your helpdesk. As a consequence, you’ll be able to devote more time to revenue-generating activities and spend less time on overhead administrative responsibilities like assistance, all without sacrificing the level of support that you provide to your clients.

9. Adaptable service levels

The amount of your helpdesk operations that you choose to outsource is up to you. Nothing can be taken away from it. Let’s take an example where 80 percent of your service requests are standard issues that can be effectively outsourced and the other 20 percent are extremely specialized for a service that only your business does. In this case, you may contract out the helpdesk services for eighty percent of the work and retain a small, in-house support team to handle the remaining, extremely specialized work. You’ll satisfy clients with both kinds of problems in this way.

10. New Business insights

Prominent suppliers of outsourced helpdesk services may also utilize the most recent reporting and metrics solutions to track the effectiveness of your business. By using them, you’ll learn more about the types of support requests that are arriving at your help desk and obtain valuable insights into important metrics like first-call resolution rates and average speed of the response.

Outsourcing helpdesk in the post-COVID-19 world.

Businesses all across the world were searching for more adaptable, scalable helpdesk teams to augment or replace their overburdened IT departments during the pandemic. The trend toward remote work and digital communication brought attention to how important quick and effective customer service is.

A Helpdesk services company has become an even more important part of corporate operations since the release of COVID-19. Companies have realized that to serve both internal and remote teams in a hybrid work environment, they must modify their helpdesk tactics.

Helpdesk systems are becoming indispensable resources for delivering workers and consumers alike individualized solutions, prompt support, and technical troubleshooting. This shift has highlighted the value of both the human aspect and the technology infrastructure in providing timely and empathic assistance.

As time goes on, helpdesk functions will continue to change, but they will always be essential for preserving smooth communication and building solid bonds between companies and their stakeholders.

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