IVR Outsourcing Services

Make Customer Experience Better by Using IVR Outsourcing Services

For most companies, running a call center is an additional task. Therefore, they do not always have the desired technical proficiency in every call center function. One area that often leads to complexity in a call center operation is low-quality Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR). With low-end call center software including IVR and CRM, it is almost impossible to match up to the customer expectations and keep them satisfied. So, it is in best interest of a company to hire IVR outsourcing services.

Evolve with Times and Employ Cutting-Edge IVR for Max CSAT

In the past, IVR was all about DTMF inputs via the keypad and customer connecting to the agents after a laborious process. But nowadays, there is an option to improvise with IVR solutions. By partnering with the right IVR outsourcing services, you can get an IVR system with the following features:

Voice recognition for personalization of calls

Customers love it when you recognize them on the call. This can all be done via an IVR system that recognizes voice. But it is imperative that the voice-recognition system is flawless and does not cause confusion. State-of-the-art IVR outsourcing services provided by companies like Noidaexim allow you to perfect voice recognition and simplify the process of call routing for your customers.

Secure information gathering

With a world-class IVR system, you can gain information through a secure channel from your customers. For example, instead of asking sensitive account information themselves on the calls, agents can simply transfer the call to the IVR. The IVR can ask for the information directly and copy it into the database.

Multi-lingual IVR

Even if you do not have multi-lingual agents, you can still support customers from different parts of the world by using a multi-lingual IVR. You can offer basic help to the customers via a self-care IVR system that has information translated into different languages.

Automated promotional calls

One of the biggest advantages of recruiting world-class IVR service provider in Noida  like Noidaexim is that you can start a promotional campaign without spending heavily on assembling a team, buying hardware and infrastructure. IVR-based promotions are effective and can be directed at the intended customer base quite easily. There are no cost overheads involved and the results are comparable to real-life telemarketing campaign.

At Noida Exim Pvt Ltd, we offer proven IVR outsourcing services that can be utilized for gaining instant business advantage over competitors.

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