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Leverage Information to Succeed in Growing Markets with Telemarketing Services

As markets saturate with the emergence of companies dealing in the same trade, the task of acquiring new customers has become extremely difficult. Information about customers’ tastes, preferences, purchasing power and exigent requirements has become more important than ever before. Collating information that is reliable and can be put to good use instantly is extremely hard. This is the main reason why you need services of specialists who already have long-term experience in research and outbound calling. Lead generation, market research and telemarketing services provided by a reliable vendor can help you improve your business prospects without putting in too much effort.

The Secret behind Success of Seasoned Telemarketers

Telemarketing services require considerable expertise in different fields. One of the most important parts of telemarketing is to find clients who will be interested in your services. For this, one has to go through several databases and look for businesses that have requirements, which can be fulfilled by your product/services. Also, it is imperative that the leads generated have enough purchasing power to be a valuable asset. Matching different criteria and preemptively calling clients to understand their real value and then forwarding the most pertinent leads to the sales team are some typical tasks that are performed by a seasoned telemarketer. The completion of all this work in an appropriate manner is the secret behind the success of a telemarketing campaign.

The Benefits of Employing Outsourced Telemarketing Services in India

India has become the prime destination for call center outsourcing. Both inbound and outbound call center services are provided by seasoned operators with years of experience in their domain. Telemarketing services in India have the following advantages over other services:

  1. Currency exchange rate advantage: Telemarketing requires a lot of efforts. A large number of calls need to be made, for which you require large number of call-handling executives. In-house telemarketing operations in developed countries like the US and UK can cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, outsourced telemarketing services in India are available at a reduced rate, thanks to the currency exchange rate advantage. It is possible to get thrice the workforce in India at the same price without any compromise in quality.
  2. Scalability: India has a never-ending supply of skilled call center agents that can undertake a telemarketing operation of any scale. Noidaexim is a company that provides telemarketing services in India. It has access to well-trained telemarketers with a gift of gab and a penchant to promote brands. The telemarketing services provided by Noidaexim are truly world-class and can be scaled to meet requirements of any magnitude.
  3. Access to the latest software: An in-house operation may shy away from investing heavily in software solutions that are pertinent to a telemarketing operation. But, telemarketing services in India have access to all the latest software like CRM, ACD, IVR etc. that can make a world of difference in day-to-day telemarketing operations.
  4. High certainty of positive results: With a professional telemarketing vendor as your outsourcing partner, you can anticipate positive results with greater certainty. Unlike multimedia promotions and advertising that can be unpredictable, you get a better opportunity to generate leads for your business with a trusted telemarketing services vendor as your partner.
  5. Qualified lead generation: Before making the marketing calls, the leads are qualified on the basis of their value to the business. So, a lot of efforts is saved. For instance, if the leads are not qualified, your telemarketing agents will be communicating with people who are of little value or not in the position to make a decision for the company. In contrast, a professional telemarketing services partner takes great care of the people who will be contacted. Hence, a lot of man hours are saved, and the efficiency of the whole process is maximized.
  6. 24×7 calling: Most companies neither have the manpower or type of agents who will stay afterhours and make calls round-the-clock. But with a competent telemarketing services partner, you can run your telemarketing campaign day and night, yielding better returns for your business.
  7. No hassle of recruiting, training and quality assurance: To run a long-term telemarketing operation, you just don’t have to call and manage the agents making the call. There are a whole lot of important activities that need to be completed. Firstly, you have to find appropriate talent for your telemarketing services by screening candidates during the recruitment phase. Once the workforce is hired, you have to train them on how to persuade clients and promote your brand. And, finally or shall we say side-by-side, you need to run a quality assurance process. The calls need to be audited by a team of QAs. The QAs have to identify the errors made by the agents and provide them instructions on how to fix them. Considering the fact that you will already be indulged in your core business functions, are you ready to run so many in-house processes at a time. If you are feeling overwhelmed, then it is best to use telemarketing outsourcing services from a seasoned vendor like Noidaexim.
  8. Reduction in capital expense: As an outsourcing contract is periodic, you do not have to spend vast sums of capital on acquiring major resources. Hence, your capital expense will be reduced. For growing entrepreneurs, outsourcing business model works a lot better as it allows them to use those services that they cannot afford to run in-house.
  9. Accumulation of client data: By outsourcing telemarketing services, you can accumulate a lot of client data for your business. Even if your telemarketers are not able to make immediate sales, you can still rely on the data generated via telemarketing for future campaigns and other modes of promotions. Nowadays, it is possible to use data mining services to harness the power of data by extracting business-critical insights.


When it comes to telemarketing services, the potential of generating leads for a business is really high. With the right vendor as your partner, you can quickly increase the number of clients and at the same time improve the overall business revenue. Another benefit of running a telemarketing campaign is that you gain a lot of information, which can be used to enhance one’s understanding of the market and bolster company’s image.

Noida Exim Pvt is an expert telemarketing services provider with great experience of the domain. We have already served many clients around the globe and help them generate countless leads for their business operation. We have the manpower and experience of running telemarketing campaign 24x7x365.

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