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Telemarketing Services: The Key to Unlocking Client Interest

Every business thrives on its clientele. The ones that you do business with are extremely important. Both quantity and quality of clients play a huge role in deciding the fate of your business. Many companies advertise their product on television and radio. Others prefer text-media promotions via newspapers and magazines. And, the new-age businesses prefer YouTube, web streaming services like Netflix and mobile game advertising (the ads that play while you play games on phone). Although these modes are effective and definitely bring in new business, they are not as direct and productive as telemarketing services.

Better Probability of Good Results with Telemarketing Services

When you run telemarketing call center services as part of your business operation, you get a good indication of the results. Every phone call that your agents make has the power to inspire interest from potential clients. On the other hand, media and internet advertising do not always work for everyone. They are more effective for those companies that already have a reputation in the market. So, unless you are a big brand, it is best to either run telemarketing services in-house or partner with a telemarketing services provider.

Easier to Reach and Convince Decision Makers with Telemarketing Services Provider

A telemarketing campaign can only be run effectively if you have the list of right people to call. A high-quality outsourced telemarketing services provider can help you discover the best leads for your business by scouring the Internet and business directories. Below are some steps followed by one of the most reputed telemarketing services provider in India – Noida Exim Pvt. Ltd.:

  • Understanding a company’s business operations to comprehend what kind of clients they need
  • Pinpoint the products that need to be marketed and formulate a telemarketing campaign accordingly
  • Profiling the intended clients based on industrial domain, sales turnover and employees on board
  • Deciding the goals of the telemarketing call e.g. appointment setting, lead generation, data acquisition
  • Formulating strategies based on the market size i.e. local, national or international market
  • Drafting sales pitch that will be delivered on the phone
  • Reporting of sales

Because a dedicated outsourced telemarketing services call center follows the procedure step-by-step, it is able to reach out to the right decision makers. Also, a professionally crafted and well-prepared approach ensures a higher success rate. Therefore, you are able to capture the interest of the right decision makers and forge new business alliances.

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The Reasons to Choose Outsourced Telemarketing Services

Outsourced telemarketing services provide an easy way to promote one’s brand. Below are some reasons why:

No headache of learning and teaching a new process

Telemarketing services are best left to the experts. If you are going to start a new department, then be prepared to waste a lot of time on understanding it and then teaching it to your newly-hired staff.

Cost of acquisition eliminated

Major capital investments are part and parcel of establishing a new process. You would have to procure infrastructural resources, software tools, furniture, cab transportation and a myriad of other things before you can even think to run telemarketing call center services in-house. And doing all this, without any guarantee of results, can be a major risk that not many are ready to take.

Noida Exim’s 24×7 outsourced telemarketing services provide a great opportunity for businesses to capture new markets. We strive to reach the most influential decision makers and our agents are excellent at pitching new brands. Tap into our talented outsourced workforce and see immediate results for your business.

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