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Track Every Conversation to Provide Superior Support with Call Center Outsourcing

Departmental segregation is often a major stumbling block in the success of a call center service. As different departments are not in sync with each other, they are unable to coordinate and bring a query to an appropriate resolution. For example, if a customer calls an inbound customer care and says that he wants a waiver for ‘late fee charge’. In case, he does not get the waiver and later decides to quit the subscription, then your retention team should be kept in loop of the ongoing situation. This might help in bringing back the customer e.g. retention team can step in at the right moment and prevent customer turnover. But unfortunately, most call center operations do not get these fundamentals right, and often suffer. One way to get rid of this problem is by running a single multi-departmental call center operation or choosing comprehensive call center outsourcing services.

One-Stop Call Center Outsourcing Strategy

In most cases, a single vendor is prolific in one domain but lacks in another. Therefore, companies often use a hybrid approach with several departments running from different places. While this approach does work well in a few cases, it can lead to major business debacles if coordination is lacking between departments. Hence, it is suggested that you use a one-stop call center outsourcing strategy where one vendor can look at your call center operation in totality.

Selecting a Proven and Versatile One-Stop Call Center Outsourcing Company

With a proven vendor as your partner, you can expect to simplify your call center outsourcing strategy. Below are some benefits of employing a call center outsourcing company that can handle multiple departments at the same time:

A Common CRM

A versatile and proven call center outsourcing company like Noidaexim utilizes a common CRM across multiple departments. All agents in every departments have hands-on expertise on the tool, which allows them to access every conversation with the customer quickly. This helps in creating a better experience for the customers.

No Coordination Responsibility and Liability of the Process

With several vendors, you would have to coordinate between the different departments. In some cases, you might have to hire a liaison manager, which can be quite expensive. On the other hand, with a versatile and one-stop vendor like Noida Exim Pvt Ltd, you can streamline the entire process. Also, you do not face any liability for the miscommunication and failure of the call center operation, as the complete responsibility lies with the vendor.

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