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7 Important Considerations before Selecting Software for Email Support Services

Customer care is an essential requirement of businesses. In most cases, customers prefer phone support, however, there are other modes of support that have grown and become popular. Email support services along with chat support services have found a special place in day-to-day customer care operations. But, many companies are unable to exploit these two modes for business benefits because of their lack of experience in the domain. Therefore, chat and email support outsourcing has become an emerging need of businesses.

Email Support Outsourcing vs. Chat Support Services

Email and chat support services are disparate in nature, but both can play a major role in boosting the image of a brand in front of customers. Have a look at a comparison between the two:

  • Live chat and email support both use text-based communication platform. While live chat communication takes place in real-time, email support requires certain interval between exchanges of messages.
  • Live chat can easily transform into a screen sharing session. Email support does not have this option.
  • Email support services are popular amongst advanced user. On the other hand, live chat is preferred by millennials and customers seeking quick response.

Improve Email Support Service with Email Response Management Software

When it comes to email support, you need to have talented agents. Even more importantly, you require an email response management software solution that has all the essential functionalities:

  1. Timely assignment of emails: When the emails arrive in the mailbox, they need to be assigned to the right department. There are different tiers of support with proficiency in different domains. So, the software needs to have the ability to automate the assignment tasks.
  2. Access to desired number of mailboxes: It is essential that the software provides you sufficient number of mailboxes, so that you can cover all email touch points.
  3. Ticketing functionality: In case your company has various touch points, the ticketing function becomes very important. An optimal ticketing system is the one that funnels all email requests and arranges them in different segments. For example, in a technical helpdesk, the tickets can be raised for networking, hardware and software issues, and grouped as distinct bunches and sent to the appropriate department.
  4. Set priority level with tags: It is imperative that the email system allows you to tag emails depending on their priority.
  5. Confidential internal notes: While sending emails, agents require a space that they can use for sharing information amongst themselves. This information should not be shared with customers. The traditional BCC method is prone to error, which is why; you require a professional system that allows for confidential notes sharing.
  6. Provision for templates: Canned responses are part and parcel of an email support department. There are a number of common issues that can be addressed easily with canned responses. Therefore, your email support needs to have this provision.
  7. Auto replies: In email support, it is very important to tell customers that you have received their query. An automated system that allows for auto replies ensures that every email gets replied to.

All the above-mentioned features are essential for an email support outsourcing service. Apart from these features, you also require complete reporting and analytics functionality. These features help you generate new insights from customer behavior. The insights received via analytics can help you create better business strategies.

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