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Refresh your Client List with a Brand-New Telemarketing Services Campaign

Clients come and go but your business is a long-lasting prospect. It should never be dependent on your clients’ whims and fancies but your very own ingenuity. Never rely on your existing customer base as fluctuations in the market can impact them. Look for telemarketing services through outsourcing and you will be able to project your brand in the best possible light to a group of potential clients.

Skilled Telemarketing Services in India

India is the hub of call center outsourcing. The industry is rich with many call center giants that have expertise in telemarketing services. But if you want the best results at a cost-effective price, look for the best telemarketing services in India at Noida Exim.

With every passing day, we are growing in the domain of phone-based business promotions. We specialize in both upselling and cross-selling, and we can also generate relevant leads for your business through our well-targeted and focused campaigns.

Below are some reasons why outsourced telemarketing services in India is considered highly skilled within the industry circles:

Access to the relevant software

Just about any call center outsourcing services venture in 2021 depends on the quality of call center software used. At Noida Exim, we use the latest CRM tech along with world-class IVR platform to give boost to your telemarketing campaign. All client data is inputted thoroughly into the systems and agents are able to fetch the records in a matter of seconds. Everything is smooth, transparent and as per your exact business requirements.

Specialized telemarketing skills

Telemarketing requires genuine talent. Our experienced telemarketers can sell just about anything on phone. They are articulate and armed with the most appropriate scripts and training to bring positive results for your business endeavor.


Noida Exim allows your business to expand or shrink its telemarketing campaign at just about any time. We have a scalable workforce that can be assigned to just about any process, whenever there is a need. Our roster is filled with many skilled agents, so the quality of telemarketing campaign is never compromised

Data security

Noida Exim takes special care of customers’ vital data and keeps it encrypted and stored in completely secure databases. The data security is bolstered by following the best practices such as Data Protection Act (DPA) guidelines. All our agents are verified through a rigorous process and monitored regularly to ensure they are performing their work ethically and to the best of their abilities.

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