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Step into Covid-19 World with Tailor-Made Call Center Outsourcing Solutions

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it, and its impact would be felt long after it is gone. One of the industries that has been impacted is call center outsourcing industry, which caters to thousands of companies within the country and outside it. However, the best companies still kept their promises and utilized their technical expertise to deliver call center services via work-from-home model.

Tailor-Made Inbound Call Center Outsourcing for Businesses

Inbound call center outsourcing services are probably the most used outsourcing services in the world. But in the current times, they need to have certain unique characteristics that meet the present-day requirements:

Security to meet the requirements posed by work-from-home environment

Work-from-home call centers pose additional security risks for businesses. Therefore, the call center company should be able to implement necessary security. IVR-based secure information gathering is the minimum requirement from an inbound and outbound call center outsourcing company. Also, the customer information should be kept in an encrypted database, so that it is never compromised.

More focus on self-care services

It is essential to cut down the number of calls coming to the call center by resolving the basic calls via self-care services. A call center India outsourcing company like Noidaexim can implement an IVR strategy, so that simple cases are answered and resolved by the IVR. For example, if the customer wants to learn about basic charges for the service or expected downtime; then IVR can play a previously recorded message and answer the customers’ query.

Scalability to meet sudden requirements

If a call center operation is run as a hybrid model i.e., half of the support in-house and half outsourced, then scalability becomes an essential requirement. In case, the in-house call center is shut down, the outsourced call center should be able to allocate the required staff to manage the scale of the call center process.

Robust infrastructure with expertise in cloud technology

Infrastructural capabilities cannot be ignored in the current times. A sound network infrastructure along with sufficient hardware resources are needed to ensure consistency in call center operation. Cloud-based capabilities are extremely important if you want to fight off the adverse impact of Covid-19 like situations in the future.

At Noidaexim, we truly care for our customers and provide call center India outsourcing solutions that work reliably, no matter what the adversity is. Our call center staff is dedicated to their work and operates round-the-clock.

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