Reimagine Your Inbound Call Center with Next-Gen Solutions

An inbound call center services is the backbone of a company’s business operations. It is vital that the call center keeps your customers satisfied, so that you can focus on your manufacturing and service delivery. However, if you consider your inbound call center as just a representative of your brand, then think again. In the current times, a call center is more than just a vendor. A call center outsourcing company has the potential to alter the face of your enterprise completely.

What are Next-Gen Call Center Outsourcing Solutions?

BPO industry has evolved into a force to be reckon with. It is no longer a complementary force, but a major business asset. Truly next-gen solutions are technologically adept and come with cutting-edge analytics. Some important identifiers of next-gen inbound and outbound call center services are:

Revolutionary integrated voice response (IVR) system

IVR is no longer just about routing the call to the correct call center department. It also comes with branding and personalization. The best vendors like Noidaexim allow you to integrate your very own brand messages, which can be altered depending on which product the customer is calling for. Moreover, you can insert customer’s name in the IVR opening for personalization of calls. Secure information gathering has also become a reality with IVR systems that employ cutting-edge voice recognition. No longer you have to depend upon human agents to take sensitive credit/debit card and account information. Everything is done securely via the IVR.

Big Data analytics

The vast troves of data that is collected via customer interactions can be put to good use with Big Data analytic techniques like data mining. It becomes easier to find relevant insights from the data which can be later used for strategizing business plans for the future.

Customized CRM for businesses

Top-notch call center outsourcing vendors have their very own CRM development teams that can create custom CRM solutions for clients. These CRMs work much better than general CRMs as they are built according to the specific requirements. While utilizing such CRM solutions, it is seen that agents are a lot more productive as they know exactly where different options are. Also, next-gen CRMs can be used for both inbound and outbound call centers effectively.

At Noidaexim, we offer cutting-edge call center outsourcing solutions along with text-based customer care services. We are a leading call center outsourcing company with several years of experience in the domain.

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