Inbound Call Center Services

The Need to Understand Outbound and Inbound Call Center Services before Outsourcing

In the modern-day business world, outsourcing has become a widespread trend. It is done by companies to cut cost and at the same time get their hands on elusive resources. Primarily, these resources are agents who perform the bulk of the work, however, there are other factors as well that influence the quality of a call center operation. It is the inability of decision makers to understand these factors that generally results in a substandard outbound or inbound call center outsourcing venture. Therefore, it is important to figure out these dynamics, understand their importance with regards to one’s line of work and then envisage a strategy that provides great results.

Understanding Inbound Call Center Services

  1. Types of cases – Inbound call center services are the most widely used call center services in the world. Mainly, inbound services include customer care, order processing, technical support, helpdesk etc. These services are provided after an agent receives a call from a customer. The customer may call in seeking an answer to a query, or for resolving an issue, or wanting a replacement for a faulty product, or for complaining about a product or a service.
  2. Call routing – Routing of call is also an important part of inbound call center services. As there can be many cases, for which, customers may initiate a call; it is vital to route the call to the appropriate department. Therefore, it is essential to have access to a quality IVR system that not only routes the calls correctly but also provides the right information to customers waiting for the call to be routed.
  3. Managing KPIs and SLAs – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Indicators (SLAs) are closely related with each other but have one big difference that separates them. While KPIs measure work against preset benchmarks, SLAs are future-oriented and measure performance in the future. For an inbound call services process to be successful, it is essential that emphasis is laid on working according to both SLAs and KPIs.

Understanding Outbound Call Center Services

Unlike inbound call center services that are deemed essential, outbound call center services are more of a requirement. When the business starts to take a dip or you need new clients to generate more revenue, outbound call center services like telemarketing and lead generation can come to your rescue.

  1. Need for gift of gabOutbound call center outsourcing services require agents to be persuasive and assertive. They should be very good speakers and be able to guide a conversation towards a sale or successful promotion.
  2. Agents who can work under pressure and good motivational managers – Outbound sales process is not for the weak-hearted. It requires agents that can work under pressure to meet targets. Also, there is a pressing need for motivational managers who can motivate deflated agents and get them back in their groove.

Although there are other dynamics as well, which influence the success of an outbound or inbound call center service; the aforementioned factors play the most vital role.

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